Friday, July 14, 2006

Narallah: In you we trust

War it is.
It's either to be or we will never be.

Narallah, we have always trusted you, and today we trust you more than any other time.

Hezbollah, may GOD be with you.

Saudi Arabia; shame on you.
If you don't have a good thing to say so shut the f***k up.

A message to Arabic leaders:Hushhhhhhhhhhhh, we need no support from any of you, all that we want of you is to shut up and keep quiet, let the Lebanese stand alone, it is better for them.

America: It is your Veto that makes Al Qaeda do what happened to you, it is this ignorance that make the Arabic and Islamic world hate you.

International community: enjoy watching.

United Nations: We are sick of you.

More than 10,000 Palestinian prisoners and no one said a thing, some of these prisoners are pregnant women!!!
All this barbarous actions and they call it the "Defence Army".

Southern Lebanon will bring us our dignity again.

يالله يالله احفظ لنا نصرالله

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It Is More Than a Game

"I cheer for Italy"
This is what almost all girls in Jordan say.

They cheer for Italy; they do NOT know anyone of the players, they know nothing about the game but they are carrying the Italian flags and they cheer for Italy.

This is more than a game.
It is economics, politics and a country's dignity; that is football.

During the match between Germany and Italy when Ballack was hit by Gattuso, a girl that was wearing the Italian shirt felt sorry for Ballack!!!
Guess why???!!!
It was because "Ballack looks better than Gattuso".

They cheer for Italy because the Italian players look good!!!
They are saying that on radio stations!!!
They are proud of that!!!
They are proud to be such stupid creatures.

It is more than a game girls.
Statistics showed that if the German national team had won the 2002 world cup; Gerhard Schröder the former German Chancellor wouldn't have lost the elections.

When Diego Maradona scored against England in 1986 he said that he was playing for Falkland Islands (an English territory than is supposed to b Argentinean).
When Iran played against USA in 1998 it wasn't a game; it was about dignity (Iran won 2-0).
When Argentina plays against Brazil it is about dignity.
When Germany plays against Holland/England it is about dignity.

This is more than a game.