Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It Is More Than a Game

"I cheer for Italy"
This is what almost all girls in Jordan say.

They cheer for Italy; they do NOT know anyone of the players, they know nothing about the game but they are carrying the Italian flags and they cheer for Italy.

This is more than a game.
It is economics, politics and a country's dignity; that is football.

During the match between Germany and Italy when Ballack was hit by Gattuso, a girl that was wearing the Italian shirt felt sorry for Ballack!!!
Guess why???!!!
It was because "Ballack looks better than Gattuso".

They cheer for Italy because the Italian players look good!!!
They are saying that on radio stations!!!
They are proud of that!!!
They are proud to be such stupid creatures.

It is more than a game girls.
Statistics showed that if the German national team had won the 2002 world cup; Gerhard Schröder the former German Chancellor wouldn't have lost the elections.

When Diego Maradona scored against England in 1986 he said that he was playing for Falkland Islands (an English territory than is supposed to b Argentinean).
When Iran played against USA in 1998 it wasn't a game; it was about dignity (Iran won 2-0).
When Argentina plays against Brazil it is about dignity.
When Germany plays against Holland/England it is about dignity.

This is more than a game.


Blogger Natalia said...

It's really not a big deal. Men talk about how "hot" women are all the time. Why should women be denied the same thing?

It's a beautiful game, and it has many aspects, and it impacts us on many levels, and to snarl at people because they happen to enjoy some of its more obvious attributes more is a bit silly.

05 July, 2006 04:22  
Anonymous Mirror | rorriM said...


you are sick

05 July, 2006 07:06  
Anonymous Jameel said...

May be the girls are right and we are taking this football thing too seriously.

05 July, 2006 09:20  
Anonymous Samer Marzouq said...

Yes I agree with you, it is more than a game.
As for girls yes they cheer Italy because their players are good looking, its true.

05 July, 2006 11:21  
Anonymous Khalidah said...

I agree with Natalia here ... men do talk about how beautiful and hot the women are all the time .. does this mean they are silly and stupid creatures?

I think this is extreme

I have always enjoyed watching a good football game and I like Italy, France, Argentina, Germany ... etc.
I do not side by one team and go crazy if they won or lost .. I just enjoy the game ..

Beckham is a good player and that is what made him so popular but he is also damn good looking ... no harm in expressing that right?

Fabio from Italy is a good player too and he is also Hot

Ronaldo from Portugal is so promising as one of the best players worldwide and he is so cute

Alessandro Del Piero from Italy is also good in the playground and he happens to have a great smile

Luca Toni from Italy plays well and has beautiful eyes

So, some of us do recognize good players and recognize good looking ones as well ... does this classify us as silly or stupid? Football players and especially good ones become celebrities and watching them play is like watching a movie for Brad Pitt or George Clooney ... we are watching them perform and we like such actors because they are so good and at the same time good looking .. what is the difference??

05 July, 2006 12:22  
Anonymous Ashraf M said...

man ya3ny ykoonoo 7elween wala ykoonoo besh3eeen:P
ya3ny consider it as u want, but at the end its an advantage also;)
Forza Azzuri
Tnain Italia, La shai2 Almania.
AL-AZZURI to Berlin,wa AL-MANSHIFT Al Almani 3a byootkom, wo AL-BRAZIL DA DAAAA DAAAAAAAA;)
Squadra Azzuri Aboud;P

05 July, 2006 12:23  
Anonymous 7ala said...

Some people say "you are silly guys, its just a game!"
And others say: "Its more than a game!".

Yeh in the world cup there is politics, religion, dignity, etc...
But every one take it from his/her corner! " kabberha btekbar , sa3'erha btes3'ar :-) " right?!

05 July, 2006 13:40  
Anonymous Women Rights said...

I completely agree brother Abdullah. Women are stupid and should not be watching football.

Natalai and Khalidah,
the reason it is ok for men to stare at beautiful women and it is not ok for women, is because guys are pigs and they are aroused by visual stimulation. As for women they are sweet and gentle and it is not physical for them, they are stimulated by words, gestures, and other crap..., but hey
even if you ladies want some eye-candy go get it somewhere else (Men's fitness magazines are all over the place, and you even have your own playgirl now), but stop vilotaing our male territory for your sick pleasures.

Khlaidah , who do you mean Fabio (grosso or cannavaro) or the singer...

I agree that this fad of women watching football is getting out of hand, especially in jordan.
Gillet 7aya...
yALLA every girl back to her kitchen and bring me a cold brew on your way back.

05 July, 2006 17:57  
Blogger Natalia said...

I think introducing politics into football is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. I'm sorry, but when Iran plays the United States, or when Ukraine takes on Saudi, the last thing on your mind should be bloody politics. One of the reasons why people enjoy football so much has to do with the fact that they can put aside their daily worries and enjoy a beautiful game. When the fans get political, the magic is lost.

Good sportsmanship is not a product of politics and worrying about "dignity." Pshaw.

05 July, 2006 18:38  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Natalia: Men may talk about "hot" women, but at least they don't get things out of its context.

Jameel: All of the facts that were mentioned in the post show that sometimes this is a serious thing.

Khalidah: As I said before; we do not take things out of its context. We are watching a game over here, players are giving their best to win, nations are looking and are waiting for their achievements.
We are not looking on good looking men wearing shorts!!!

As for men if they talk about women, it may be about a celebrity in movie or a clip or something like that.

If it happens that a good player looks good as well, then this is a different issue, but for GOD sake will you support a team just because the players look good!!!

7ala: Looooool

Women rights: !!!!!
If guys are pigs, then what do you say about the girls that watch the games to see some good looking men??!!!

Natalia: When Iran plays against USA you can NOT take politics out of your consideration.
People enjoy this game because sometimes it is the only way where those deprived can win wealthy, where powerless can win mighty.

If is has nothing to do with the nation's dignity, then why do they play the national anthem of each country before the beginning of the match???

06 July, 2006 01:30  
Anonymous Khalidah said...

Aboud, my whole comment was to tell you that not all girls cheer for the good looking team .. some of us really enjoy the game as it is ..

And no, I would not cheer for a team just because the players look good .. that's silly .. but this does not call for a movement to stop girls from watching football because that would be silly too .. it is a global game and anyone has the right to cheer for any team .. why care about their reasons?

As for sports and politics, I have to agree with Natalia .. the reason it is called Sports is because it removes other barriers that nations have in their relations .. otherwise; everything would be a mess .. but that's only my opinion so don't take it against me :)

06 July, 2006 09:24  
Anonymous lammoush said...

wallah jad? and lets hear from guys who watch tennis (because its more than a game)
or watch clips (because they are works of art)
yeah italian players r good lookin, so.. whats ur problem?
do u think all these millions (of both guys n girls) are taking it 4 the bigger deal u make it? its the mondial fever, ask next month and half of them wouldnt care 2 answer

07 July, 2006 01:42  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Khalidah, I am sure that not all girls do that but the majority do.

About sports and politics; I think that I have mentioned a lot of examples about that.
As I said sometimes it is the only place where those week deprived people can get justice.

Lammoush: Tennis is soooooooooooo different than football.
Clips that you are talking about were made for these reasons.

Will anybody watch Um Kalthom because she is sexy, Or because of what she is wearing???

It is supposed to be the same thing when it comes to football.

07 July, 2006 19:04  
Anonymous hareega said...

Sure it's more than a game, but it shouldn't be. Politicians try to spoil sports with their opinions but it's good to see how the FIFA or the OIC stand in their way.

John Mccaine Senator of Arizona asked the FIFA to ban Iran from playing in the World Cup because of their president but the FIFA didn't even consider this option.

07 July, 2006 21:32  
Anonymous Ashraf M said...

I think u r right aboud! it was more that just a game!!! it was an ITALIAN one?! lol what do u think? :)

10 July, 2006 11:05  
Anonymous zika said...

aboud !! i think that the girls know about football more than u know ..
Iran won aginst the USA 2-1 not 2-0 as u said !!!!!

and what's the harm in being a good player and good looking !!! if u r not good looking and a bad player that's ok man, take it easy !!!!

The most important thaing man is that at least the girls admit that they support the italian or the other playes 'cos they r good looking .. but please look at the guys who think that they know everything about football and the teams they're supporting !! everyone says they support brazil 'cos Ronaldinho plays "beautifully" and they still lossing !! those know nothing about football and they don't admit it !! that worse man .. look at it from a different angle and u'll be supporting the girls

and don't blame the girls if Italy ALWAYS win ur favourite team (Germany) ...


12 July, 2006 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow im so late.... :P but just so u know im a girl that cheers for the great GERMANY :D

22 March, 2007 02:45  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Way to gooooo :)
Then you really now what football is about, and you must be a great girl as well :)

22 March, 2007 20:20  

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