Friday, July 14, 2006

Narallah: In you we trust

War it is.
It's either to be or we will never be.

Narallah, we have always trusted you, and today we trust you more than any other time.

Hezbollah, may GOD be with you.

Saudi Arabia; shame on you.
If you don't have a good thing to say so shut the f***k up.

A message to Arabic leaders:Hushhhhhhhhhhhh, we need no support from any of you, all that we want of you is to shut up and keep quiet, let the Lebanese stand alone, it is better for them.

America: It is your Veto that makes Al Qaeda do what happened to you, it is this ignorance that make the Arabic and Islamic world hate you.

International community: enjoy watching.

United Nations: We are sick of you.

More than 10,000 Palestinian prisoners and no one said a thing, some of these prisoners are pregnant women!!!
All this barbarous actions and they call it the "Defence Army".

Southern Lebanon will bring us our dignity again.

يالله يالله احفظ لنا نصرالله


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lebanon should become part of Syria, as it has been for millenia.

14 July, 2006 23:13  
Anonymous hareega said...

you remind me of how we used to cheer for Saddam in the 1991 war.

14 July, 2006 23:24  
Anonymous Batir said...

Oh really, and did you ever remembered that there is something called "the lebanese people" who are going to pay the price of this war. If you are so in love with Nasrallah go and get your ass on the fireline or else let the lebanese people and not you or Nasrallah decide what is the right time for war!

15 July, 2006 00:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batir, what a caring person for one month you havent posted on anything other than football, before that the islamic front. Gaza...... not so important and suddenly you wake up from you dream and there it is ... you care.

15 July, 2006 01:57  
Anonymous Batir said...

Anon, are you able to criticize my idea and point of view than criticizing my life history?

15 July, 2006 02:34  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Sayed Hassan has always been honest in everything he says.

Who gave you the right to talk on behalf of Lebanese people.
You are just repeating what the Arab Leaders always say.

I think that you used to say the same thing when Hamas used to make martyrdom operations.
But then the Palestinian elections has proved to people like you and to the whole world that the Palestinians are ready to die for their country and they need no sympathy for anybody.

Just leave the Lebanese and the Palestinians alone, they can choose their destiny.

If you are not willing to die for freedom, if you care less about the people who have been in the Israeli's prisons for decades other people do.

Again if you don't have something supportive to say, so please hold your words and keep them to your self.

15 July, 2006 02:45  
Anonymous Batir said...

If you just take a little time and read the Lebanese newspapers and blogs and look for other ideas instead of those revolving in your brain you will know waht I mean.

15 July, 2006 03:11  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Reading history is more important than reading what some people might think or say.

Many used to say the same thing before Hamas won the elections.
Some of them even couldn't admit that they were wrong and they are still saying that Palestinians do not support Hamas.

After this thing ends, we will see who will the people stand for.

15 July, 2006 03:23  
Anonymous Khawaja M. said...

Really .. Those are the men to whom we shall listen, trust, & follow..

Nasserallah Lives..

15 July, 2006 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batir... the problem is that Isreal & USA had successfully turned millions of arabs into people like you...

15 July, 2006 10:15  
Anonymous eddie moses said...

Hey Nassralah supporters,
Simply, wait few days and judge. Israel attacking lebanon and your brave man, nassrallah, promise to have open war.. LOL... Let us see what he is gonna do with Israel F16A's..

I am so sad to read what I read. You guys should be able to balance simple things.

Lebanon was occupied within few hours!!! How come Nassralla used to claim that they release the south if israel occupy entire lebanon within few hours.

Batir, keep trying dude. I hope that we have thousands like you. We might change this mentality. They are just excited without any reason.

15 July, 2006 11:06  
Anonymous Batir said...

Anon the problem is that millions of Arabs like you do not care about the rights of the Lebanses people to take their own decisions and not be scapegoats for the theoritical heroics of Iran and Syria and the crimes committed by Israel. You all want to fight until the last Lebanese.

15 July, 2006 11:12  
Blogger ABOUD said...

You did NOT comment about the Hamas thing????

If you care sooo much about people, so why don't you give us your presumption on how we can liberate those have been behind the steel bars for decades.

Jordan signed full peace agreement with Israel in 1994 and still we have Jordanians in Israeli prisons waiting for freedom.

15 July, 2006 11:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batir, are you saying that jews can take thousands of Arabs hostage and lock them up forever and we should not lift a finger?

And if you belive in democracy and what the majority wants, I did not ready anything from you that calls for respecing the jordanian majority? How come?

Overall, I like your writings. But I think sometimes you need to apply your principles across the board. Other than that, I do look forward to your writings.

15 July, 2006 12:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"millions of Arabs like you do not care about the rights of the Lebanses people to take their own decisions"

Really? and at the conference of 700, did you represent the majority of jordanians? did you demand that the government of jordan respect the majority of Jordanians?

pleeezzzeee..spare us your contrived concern for the majority.

15 July, 2006 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batir! lol.. Man there are thousands of lebanese prisoners in the Isreali jails waiting to be free! If hezbAllah decided to fight for their dignity, honor, freedom, lands, homes & people with us being on TV's watching the war as if its a nice movie to talk about, at least that wouldnt let us feel bad about the other lebanese people living in peace. all my relatives from my mother side live in beirut..all of them..uncles, aunts, grandfather & mother, we also own a house just before Saida, and trust me, they are all happy about what Hezb ALlah is doing..they feel proud..

do you think that you will always live in Peace forever? the case is not closed yet habeebi.. its either you or your kids or your grandkids will continue the war.. do you think that unitedstates is doing all this scenario in Iraqi, Syria and Iran Lellah Ta3ala? haik menel Zaha2? its all going into one Plan..ISREAL getting stronger.. if Hezballa cant face them, at least they are giving them hard times..and we like it..
and on behalf of HezbAllah, i apologize for you not being able to go to beirut and have some fun there..

15 July, 2006 15:31  
Anonymous zika said...

when i read ur first comment i didn't hold not to take a look at ur blogs !!
so i guess it's better for u to comment on the sports section !! which is, from ur blog, is more importanat than what's happenning for palestinians in Ghaza ..

at least let Hizbullah try to get back the lebanese prisoners, which they won't be able to release them if they sign a peace treaty !!!

15 July, 2006 22:10  
Blogger Natalia said...

I agree with Batir, and not this nihilist grand-standing about "martyrdom" and the like.

15 July, 2006 22:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


16 July, 2006 02:28  
Anonymous Ashraf M said...

I think Nasrallah is just Defending and he wasnt expecting sth. like what is happening! some of lebanese ppl r against him becoz of what he had done to the country!! he ruined it!! and i think its not his fault, Israel is the terrorism country and it will do it now or later!.. and some of the lebanese are supporting him becoz he will bring the honor for their country!!and they beleive they can beat israel.
anyway its not that we cant judge him !! we dont have the right to!! and we dont know what to decide or to support which side.. we want Israel Out but also we dont want our countries to be ruined or ppl to be killed! if u got a good idea maybe it can help!! thinkkkkkk

16 July, 2006 17:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

natalia is just too cool to condemn America. She's too open minded for that nonsense.

She just relates more with the "civilized" west! You can't blame her for that, and how dare you ask of her to align her self with herders and bediouns??

25 July, 2006 07:05  
Blogger 21stCenturyShea said...

"Southern Lebanon will bring us our dignity again."

By what definition of dignity do you justify Hezbullah's actions? They have led fragile Lebanon into another war which is bound to destroy what fragile infrastructure the Lebanese have managed to create. True dignity cannot exist when placed in jeopardy by a poltical party whose ideology is essentially totalitarian.

26 July, 2006 21:08  
Blogger ABOUD said...


Are you talking about Hezbollah here???

If so, then you have no idea about Hezbollah.

"They have led fragile Lebanon...."
It is the Arabic leaders, the UN, the US and the so called "international community" who are destroying Lebanon.

29 July, 2006 20:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must read

A country for rent

30 July, 2006 12:11  
Anonymous lammoush said...


01 August, 2006 00:39  
Blogger Al-Hajeji said...

asalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allah....

I have not come here for a long time!! Anyhow I will give my opinion:
Egypt, Saudi and Jordan despise Hizbollah, they really hate them, they hate the sooo much that they are willing to support israel! that is the truth, they cannot stand the fact that hizbollah army is very sophisticated and skilled, they (dictators) are frightened.

02 August, 2006 18:09  
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