Monday, March 28, 2011

What Happened in Midan Jamal Abdul Nasser

When I went to the Midan on Thursday night 24th March, I have seen the Jordan that we deserve. A country were people from all ages, sex, races, religions, have gathered in a freezing weather to chant for the Jordan they want. A Jordan that is not corrupted, a country where people are allowed to think and act.

People gathered to say that Jordan is not limited for a handful of people. Jordan is for everybody.

I haven't heard a single curse in the Midan. I haven't seen anybody blocking the streets. People were chanting all the time "Slimeyeh Slimeyeh" while stones being thrown on their heads. Even the thugs and baltajeyeh that used to come in between the protestors to provoke them, the peaceful protesters used to leave them or protect them and guide them out.

I haven't heard a single Islamic Nasheed, and haven't seen any body from the Ikhwan on the microphone speaking to the protesters. Should we all come with beer bottles in our hands to prove to Mr. Prime Minster that we are not Ikhwan! We do not belong to any party. We are simply Jordanians who care for our country.

Everybody there was filled with love and patriotism. I have never been in such a crowed in Jordan and felt so safe, and felt that everybody is united.

On Friday, the police were blocking the streets and not the protesters, and I thought that this was for protecting them. After the Friday prayer, protestors took an oath that they shall keep their movement a peaceful one no matter what happened. They swore by the love of Jordan that they will not respond to the thugs.

We are not against, on the contrary, we are for the country. We are those who are willing to sacrifice for the country just for the sake of it, and not for the sake of a governmental position. We have shown our love for the country not by cursing and swearing over others while carrying our King's picture (how shameful is that). We have shown our love by demanding reforms to have a better Jordan for all of us.

We want to live in democracy, where we know our rights and our duties, and where nobody is over the law, no matter from which tribe or origin he is. Enough with those who are taking advantage and abusing the country in the name of nationalism, enough.

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