Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Live From The Convoy

These pictures were taken yesterday along the way from Amman to Lattakia. It took us 15 hours of driving. People were gathered along the streets to salute us and to send their regards to Gaza.

Once we arrived the syrian borders, there was a huge reception for us there, and our passports were stamped with us even knowing.

We had to make a stop in each governate for a small reception from the governed. This was very time consuming and it made run very late.

Despite all the difficulties of driving at night in such roads and accompanying the convoy, it felt different to see all these people gathered to wave their hands to you, and to see that somebody is admiring your work and that your efforts are already being valued.


Blogger Carl said...

Brilliant peace of pictures taken from Amman to Lattakia,good to share.


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27 November, 2010 13:20  

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