Monday, October 04, 2010

Going to Gaza

In a few hours I will be joining the Global Life Line 5 (Vivapalestina) "Sharyan Al Haya 5" in its trip to Gaza. The convoy started moving from Britain in 18/9/2010, and now all the convoys from all over the region and the world will gather in Latakia where they will be boarding ships to Al Arish and then to Rafah, into Gaza. Of course all of this is subject to the Egyptian approval which is always the most difficult part.

Two months ago, I was with Al Ansar 1 convoy which got stuck in Aqaba - Jordan, for one week due the Egyptian rejection to give permission to people to enter Nuweiba or even to buy ferry tickets.

I go there today with mixed feelings, excitement, responsibilities and obligations back home, family and love left behind, among many other things.

Nobody knows how long this trip will take. Nobody knows if will get stuck in Latakia, or if we will get stuck in the middle of the sea. The only thing that I am sure of is that I feel that I have to be part of this global movement to end this siege on Gaza.

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Blogger Hadeel said...

Good luck inshallah this time.....Wallah I wish all people have the same feeling of resposibility towards Gaza like you. Allah ewafe2kom w eraje3kom belsalame

04 October, 2010 02:19  
Anonymous kinzi said...

I am praying for you. An acquaintance of ours will be with you.

04 October, 2010 18:42  

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