Thursday, June 14, 2007

Petra or Betra

بعني الاسم عربي، الاسم البتراء

طبعا الحلو انو صاروا العالم ينادوها بالانجليزي كمان، بتعرفوا؛ علشان كووول هيك و أفيع

يعني بدل ما انو احنا نصحح الغلط، لأ ، صرنا نغلط احنا

بس عشان حكي الانجليزي دااااااايما

بعطي هيبه!!!؛


Anonymous Who-sane said...

Batra بالعربي
and Petra بالإنجليزي

I can't see where's the problem ...

14 June, 2007 15:35  
Blogger ABOUD said...

The problem is that Jordaians are calling it Petra, 3ashan el ordoneyeh dayman 2afya3 inhom ye7ko be el ingleeze, fa benadooha petra. Got me?

14 June, 2007 18:26  
Blogger Globalorama said...

In any language it is Petra.

it is not Arabic. It is a Greek word meaning rock.

14 June, 2007 18:32  
Blogger Moey said...

whosane, I can't see the problem too.

14 June, 2007 18:57  
Blogger Issa said...

رأيي الشخصي أن الأصل هي
كونها مأخوذة من اللاتينيةPetra
وتعني الصخرة أو الحجر، فإن كان الأردنيون
يلفظونها بهذه الطريقة فهي الأصوب رغم ما يعتقدونه (أنها أفيع) بالإضافة أن البتراء في العربية هي مؤنث كلمة الأبتر، (نقول مثلاً خطبة بتراء) وبالتالي بشكلها العربي لا تليق منزلتها

14 June, 2007 19:29  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Nabataeans were Arabs and it is an Arabic city, so it would be better called in its Arabic name.
I have never seen an egyptian calling Al Ahramat by pyramids, or calling Abu el hoal by Sphinx!!!

So when the Nabataeans built it has an Arabic name not a greek one. Like when the Muslims built Al-Hamra palace which still holds its name to this moment.

14 June, 2007 20:22  
Blogger Issa said...

Aboud, the problem is that Nabateans did not call it Petra, this name was given by Romans. Is supposed that Petra was previously named "Sela" (in Arabic: سلع) But I think it's not appropriate now to call petra sela3 :)
(Another name of Petra is said to be Rekem) for more info..

14 June, 2007 22:28  
Blogger ABOUD said...

issa, well El Siq is called El Siq, Al-Khazneh is called with its name.
Well it looks that globalization started loooong time ago, to have an Arabic thing in an Arabic country made by Arabic people named a latin name?!!!

14 June, 2007 23:06  
Anonymous Who-sane said...

oh ok, now I get you aboud :) ... yeah Jordanians are fay3een la allah! lol

21 June, 2007 20:48  

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