Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jordanians and Facebook 2

It is disgusting.

So, Facebook is public, and guess who is going to use it in the ugliest way, of course it will be US.
When look at the Jordanians groups, walls, pictures, any and everything in the Facebook, it is like that this is the only way of communication nowadays in Amman.

People, for GOD's sake, go back to MSN and to SMS and your mobile phones. Is it unreasonable to ask somebody whom you see every single day, about what you are doing tonight?
Surly to make it look more funky (3asahan 2e7na sha3eb faye3) we always post things on the "wall" never send private messages!!!

An American friend of mine told me that in the states, when you go to a job interview, they'll check your Facebook profile, to see all about you?
In addition, sometimes police use it to check into the parities where illegal stuff may be taken.

Imagine if they check any Jordanian profile, how bloody stupid will it look?


Blogger and life goes on... said...

LoL.. tab leish im3asseb :P

Actually I like it, and it's really amusing! it's fun.. and i believe it's ok if we don't take it seriously.. why can't we enjoy to nit-habbal from time to time (for a change),,, it's enough what you go through everyday at work...!At least this gives you a reason to cheer up and change your mood!

11 March, 2007 14:07  
Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

Actually, Facebook and Hi5 don't have that much success in the US as much as they do in the Arab world.
What does take the lead is which has literally everyone in the US of A on it. You see people in the street and look them up on myspace!
In fact, there is this service you get on your cell phone, that shows a map of the city and locations on the map of your friends on Myspace! Pretty freaky, but it's true

Now regarding Job interviewes and online profiles or your "Online reputation". I've talked about here: Latest employer trends: Online reputation
Even ladies are coming up with "Don't date him" sites, check out the link above

11 March, 2007 15:23  
Blogger ABOUD said...

and life goes on: it is great, and everything about it is really amazing, BAS el moshkeleh feena 2e7na, bnene3aje2 3al sha3'leh o 7'alas ben7'leeha tseer bedoon 2ay ta3meh. Ya3ni it is nice to use it to know what's going on, but not to replace all of the other communication ways with Facebook. Ya3ni it seems that Jordanians threw their mobiles away :)

Qwaider: I have checked the link, and it's really interesting. The point is that it seems that we always have to misuse and ruin technology!!!

11 March, 2007 15:57  
Blogger and life goes on... said...

let them throw their mobiles.. at least this way you'd see people concentrating while driving and it's cheaper no? ;)

anyway ya 3aboud how would i see your photos in England without the facebook.. c'mmon ya3ni .. masheeeeha!!! LOOL

11 March, 2007 16:12  
Blogger ABOUD said...

No tab3an halla2 2e7na wade3na mo7'talef :)

11 March, 2007 16:14  
Anonymous Maher said...

Due to the extreme importance of your posts, not only to Arabic and english speakers I suggest that you start translating them to at least 5 different languages, you may also think about burying some along with qathafi's green book.

11 March, 2007 21:33  
Blogger ABOUD said...

wallahe ya man innak funny.
The point is that some things had to be said in Arabic, and others in English.

11 March, 2007 23:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

w enta sho mza3lak ya king bel mawdoo3 kol waa7d 7or bel facebook ta3oh and meen your friend in US ele 3artha 3laik balah!!

20 March, 2007 11:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you aboud...facebook in jordan is used so bad .... the other day i opened that page just to see what all the fuss is about and checked out some of the people i know and wooow did i change my mind about them!!!! and when i saw the pics that some people put as their picture well....amazed thats all i can say!!!

22 March, 2007 01:42  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Anonymous: 7abeebe ya man, bas el 7a2 3alay ille bedde 2afeedak 2ana :)

Anonymous: Sure, it is really true, and did you notice the "walls", they never use use private msgs or anything, everything has to be posted on the wall, 3ashan haik 2afya3!!

22 March, 2007 20:24  
Anonymous sparkle said...

sooo true....i want to know where their self respect has gone....and why do they allow ever1 on seeing everything???why dont they at least let it private for ppl they know and trust....ppl in jordan just keep going downhill....and i wish i know why ever1 keeps defending all these things that are going on in jordan...they keep giving excuses for everything....reallly ppl are getting weirder by the day back here in jordan...
oh and im anonymous...sparkle :)

23 March, 2007 17:27  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Looks like people have looots of spare time, o el nas 7'alas sarat t7eb 2osset "shoofoone shoo "faye3"" :)

Frankly, I have nothing to add to what you have said

23 March, 2007 18:09  
Blogger FATEN said...

جواهر man جوااااااااااهر

i hate facebook, it's just yet another way people find to build some sort of community that must appear "cool" in front of whoever it is facebookers -if i may call them- want to impress.
"hey look at me i'm on facebook my friends ask me what im doing tonight and every night and i meet so many hotttttttt people"...
hott of course being a very tricky word to use over here.
and for those who actually use it for "keeping in touch"...what happened to the more human ways like phone calls and even e-mails...
i so hate facebook and hi5 and whatever they'll come up with next.

27 March, 2007 21:39  
Blogger ABOUD said...

faten: just like you have said, it a way to look "cool". Though it can be used to keep in touch if friends were apart for long time, but of course not the way some Jordanians are using it.

Thanks a lot for your comment.

28 March, 2007 16:58  
Blogger FATEN said...

are you Aboud the one who was with me at university?

i'm not sure if we were ever lab partners because they were too many but i do know i had my biomedical engineering project with him and Omar


29 March, 2007 17:20  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Are you the one who had obsession with pink and other things :)
If yes, I couldn't believe it when I saw you writing in Arabic!!!

29 March, 2007 21:09  
Blogger FATEN said...

i was not obsessed with pink!
i like pink just like the next color...
define other things!

30 March, 2007 00:27  
Blogger ABOUD said...

I just remember that day, don't know if you still do.
Lsn. couldn't find your mail on your blog, so please mail me on mine.

I want to know the Arabic thing as well :)

30 March, 2007 18:33  

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