Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Poem to Saddam

I uploaded it, but I couldn't find a way to embed it over here, so please go to the link.

It's a must listen to poem.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's cheesy poetry but i found myself wanting to cry , not out of sorrow but it's the feeling of utter frustration and humiliation.

when i was around 8 yrs, a nasty bully slapped me on the face before dozens of kids and there was not much that I could do so I wept and he laughed.

that's how i feel after saddam's killing by the americans, yes the americans killed him to send a message to all our leaders. they killed the chief of the tribe and before that they murdered his sons, medieval style.

but i am sure someone in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran will do something about it. something has got to give.

and never forget the night crawlers....they are here....

16 January, 2007 20:27  

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