Wednesday, November 15, 2006

George Galloway EXCLUSIVELY Here

Finally I got the opportunity to attend one of George Galloway's meetings.

How was it?
It was amazing, better than I have ever thought.

I will just leave you with the clips that I was honored to record with my mobile.
Enjoy it from here, or from the links below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there , how r u , may i have yr email plz , if u dont mind ya3ni , email me at


25 November, 2006 13:56  
Blogger aya almusa said...


25 November, 2006 18:37  
Blogger aya almusa said...

WOW neyalak!

26 November, 2006 22:24  
Blogger ABOUD said...

dar: I have sent a mail

aya almusa: Thanks a lot :)

27 November, 2006 03:14  
Blogger Ola Doudin said...

Hi there!

Was that the one at Birmingham University? I have been there. Are you a student at Birmingham Uni, Aboud?


14 December, 2006 04:31  
Anonymous Khalidah said...

Please send me your email address

Jordan Planet

14 December, 2006 15:37  

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