Monday, September 11, 2006

For Starbucks Coffee Drinkers ولكم استحوا

For those who in spite of everything still go to Starbucks because they can not live without that cup of coffee SHAME ON YOU. (شعب اذا ضرب الحذاء بوجهه صاح الحذاء بأي ذنب أضرب)

Whether you are an Arab or not, whether you are a Muslim or not I assume that you are a human being.

Humans do NOT support killing children, humans do NOT support what "isreal" is doing in Palestine and Lebanon.
Humans refuse to stand up for oppression.

Here is what an Israeli person commented on that on a blog:

I only want to comment on the disparity of opinion between Natasha and ABOUD. As an Israeli, I definitely would inflict my distrustful judgment on my culture, social order, and society if, for an instance, Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran opened a coffee shop in any part of the world and generated profits for their agenda or cause. As an American also, I would undeniably fight to close that coffee shop that is operated by an unfriendly entity. It is not bigotry, it is loyalty. In fact, the US closed hundreds of businesses that were operated by citizens of unfriendly nations. It is normal when citizens put their national duties above all impractical, theoretical, and philosophical intellect. Even though I love Starbucks and fully support their fund-raising events to Israel, I think ABOUD was politically correct.

So for those who are against the resistance and keep talking about the "civilized" way of solving this issue, the least thing you can do is to change your coffee place.


فعلا انو شعب اذا ضرب الحذاء بوجهه صاح الحذاء بأي ذنب أضرب


Anonymous aya said...

walla you are right 3njd i agree m3k lazem hal 3alm testa7ee o tkat3oo...o bla civilized way bla zeft...

11 September, 2006 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salamat Aboud,

Starbucks are denying the alligations, what do you think our approach towards that should be?

Thank you ...

Firas ..

11 September, 2006 15:08  
Blogger ABOUD said...

aya: Wallah mahweh la 7ayata leman tonadi, ya3ni mish m2asreen shoreb 2ahweh el nas, bte3rafi metrabyeen 3alaiha mahommeh.

Firas: I have read that, that's why I didn't put the article or linked to it.

But what is known that Howard Schultz (Starbucks owner) is zionist, and he has given donations for what is so called the "Israeli Defence Army" that is occupying, killing and destroying countries, and he has received awards for that.

Plus what the Israeli man said over their (the quoted paragraph) say it all I think.

11 September, 2006 15:32  
Anonymous كنعاني said...

Aboud, I care about boycotting starbucks but not as much as I care about resisting all forms of normalization with the enemy, letting a zionist comment on your blog and not pointing out the fact that any kind of interaction with this person is NOT welcome looks way more dangerous to me than going to starbucks, I hope that you reconsider the way you deal with such commments, another very disturbing thing is the fact that you used the term "israel" and I am sure that this will make zionists much happier than drinking a starbucks cup of coffee.Anyway starbucks denys the fact that they support the zionist army but in the article they never denie supporting their state.

11 September, 2006 15:51  
Blogger ABOUD said...

This comment was not posted here, it was posted on another blog where I commented on the same subject, so I thought that it would be a good example to put it here for those who care less about going to Starbucks, because I was accused of being the stupid one over there and the only one who stood for what I said was the Israeli person whom is quoted above.

As you can see that "israel" is between qutations.

11 September, 2006 16:05  
Anonymous 7ala said...

Aboud ... Had elkalam elmazboot .

11 September, 2006 16:11  
Anonymous Ashraf said...

wallah mazbooot 3boud 100% , last time i passed by Starbucks swefieh it was full man!! tab3an ensa abdoun... hada bedel eno el sha3b kteer be7tarem 7alo :S wo wallah mazboot bel nesbeh lal mathal taba3ak jad labesna lebes lol

roo7o 3a gahwet balat el rasheed bel balad;) Cheers

11 September, 2006 17:38  
Anonymous كنعاني said...

again although it is a little bit better than I thought, you were engaged in some sort of a discussion with a zionist without any signs of you refusing such acts, does the zionist have any idea that you refuse this form of normalization, dont be glad to quote a zionist's reply to you, look at it in the bigger picture, you were engaged in a "friendly" discussion in which zionists were also involved, even if the reply was not directed to you, you should have refused being part of such conversation.

11 September, 2006 18:23  
Anonymous Tafaha said...

When did the act of boycotting starbucks become a national cause and duty?
Your personal belief on some rumor of a connection of the founder ( of a COFFEE SHOP became the focal point of your RESISTANCE????

What a pathetic, easy-way-out approach to fight for your cause. So now you are a better person, and assumes the position of “the arab world protector, savior and prophet” who decides what is a shame and what is not because of a cup of coffee!! WOW!
I know, I know, it is symbolism for the cause. Well your symbolism means squat. When there are people out there who dedicated their life to making real changes, and sacrificed the trivialities that your life centers around (and I know that for a fact because I know you personally), your expression of patriotism looks very small next to theirs. I am willing to bet you 25 JDs that you at least have one item of clothing that is manufactured or labeled by an American Israel-Supporting brand, if not a few items that carry a plain straight out Hebrew name on it like LEVI.

Just the typical empty, pretentious superficial, faffy-style, Abdoun-bred, simple-minded kind of resistance that we can do without.
You chose the very-effective starbucks abstinence as your method of resistance, it’s a personal decision. But to brag about it and to try to enforce it on others is just pathetic. Someone chooses to write a column, start a fund or carry a rifle while sipping stasbucks frappuccinos , it is their choice, and that does not make them a sellout or less of an arab than your late-partying, Marlboro-smoking, aimlessly-driving, time-wasting self.

Roo7 shofalk shaghleh tinfa3 il 3alam, wa bikaffi sakhafeh…

11 September, 2006 20:24  
Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

Man, Tawwel balak ... and enjoy reading this: Boycotts work
Starbucks only issued that statement on fears of losing profit ...
And I made my famous Fatwa:
Drinking Starbucks (under these conditions) is more haram than drinking Alcohol
Pure and simple. And I'm willing to face Rab el 3ibad with this

11 September, 2006 23:15  
Blogger Pheras said...

That is one Israeli's opinion, it doesnt make any difference.

Plus it's his own opinion, I don't think I should follow the path of somebody else, just because his opinion may be "politically correct".

I happen to admire Starbucks for one thing only: Efficiency. Get me a Jordanian coffee house as efficient, and I will buy from it starting from today. I don't even like their coffee, but I won't boycott it, simply because it all doesnt make any sense to me.

12 September, 2006 00:38  
Blogger ABOUD said...

ashraf: walla ma 2ana 3aref shoo dayel 3ashan el nas t7es, walla law 2ejo o bazago be wejehna wa7ad wa7ad mafi faydeh.

He posted his comment after mine, and I did NOT reply to it.

tafaha: Did you read the post man, or just the title?
And I don't think that I am going to bother myself by replying on the other things that you have said.

Qwaider: ma howeh ishe befleg, ya zalmeh kollo fenjan sam hari sar 7ayat-hom feyo.
Loool man, about the Fatwa, 3al janneh direct man.

pheras: The money you are paying is used against your own people man!
What efficiency are you talking about, the money you are paying is killing innocent children.

12 September, 2006 01:39  
Anonymous hamede said...

aboud,i agree.

12 September, 2006 01:52  
Anonymous Tafaha said...

I read the whole post! and i hope YOU had a long enough attention span to read my comment.

I really do not see any reason why you can't respond to what i said
. Unless you think that it was inaccurate to call you a marlboro-smoking dude while you actually smoke Rothmans (3areed kaman!! are you SERIOUS??)...

I also clearly recall when the boycotting was a "collective movement" you refused to quit drinking Pepsi because your brother worked there and you did not believe in boycott!!!!
And now you want to act like you are the voice of reason against the zionist companies and Israel!!!!

ya rajoll, roo7 shoflak shaghleh tinfa3 il ommeh wa balah 7aki fadi. gal bladd kamleh btinba3 wa binshara wa 3aboud wageff fee wajeh attba3 il starbux. la inno 3ala ga3dett kass wa7add gallo inno starbux yahood.

12 September, 2006 02:09  
Blogger ABOUD said...

As I recall that we had this discussion before on Amjad's blog.

12 September, 2006 02:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya Zakema e6war

12 September, 2006 05:06  
Anonymous Tafaha said...

no, i am not who you think i am.

12 September, 2006 06:45  
Anonymous Addiction said...

Tafaha u should name ur self "ghmood wo tafaha" lol man if we cant support any body (who r ur ppl) emotionally then e7na mafeena khair!! this is the least thing we can do and u know we cant do much more!!! fa take it easy, open ur mind wo ma tfaker be hay el taree2ah wo t3aqdoo el 2omoor!!! ya3ny ma3lesh keef konto 3aysheen 2abel starbucks!! ma7na 3refna min santain!! ya3ny dafneeno ma3 ba3ad lol
3boud hada howeh el sha3b el gale3 wo el faye3 wo e7na el sha3b ely dont deserve to live not the Americans la2ano we r IDIOTS!!!
Qwaider for sure man 3l 2aleeleh fy alcohol sena3ah wataneyeh 100% lol
kasak ya watan:)

12 September, 2006 10:56  
Blogger The Observer said...

Man!!! When can we stop beliving that the world is conspiracing against us?!!

There is NO REAL PROOF what's so ever that Starbucks money are used to fund some Israeli military expenses.

They denied it themselves. They don't have any Starbucks shop in Israel, and they do hire much employees in our countries, and provide us with a decent coffe!

Why do we have to imagine things just because someone claimed something untrue?!!!!!!

12 September, 2006 11:13  
Blogger ABOUD said...

I don't know if what Robert Fisk says will be a good proof for you.

12 September, 2006 11:45  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Another link:

12 September, 2006 11:51  
Blogger The Observer said...

"When he spoke recently to his local synagogue, Starbucks says, "Howard was speaking as a private citizen and did not interview with the media regarding this subject". Another Starbucks response says the company "is deeply saddened by the current events (sic) in the Middle East" and quotes a statement by Mr Shultz. "I deeply regret that my speech in Seattle was misinterpreted as anti-Palestinian," he says. "My position has always been pro-peace and for the two nations (sic) to co-exist peacefully.""

I copied this from the link you provided. In both links, there isnt even any claim that Starbucks funds Israeli military in anyway.

In the second link, the writer claims that Starbucks is going to try to re-enter the Israeli market in order to support Israeli economy. Does that mean we don't want their support of our economy as well by entering our market? Or does it work for Israel but not for us?

My third point is that you decided to believe 2 articles in 2 different web page but ignored what officially stated by Starbucks themselves that they dont give any fund to Israel.

Why? Is it just because we want to believe that people around the world conspires against us? I have to wonder...

12 September, 2006 16:09  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Man from all of the article you only saw that paragraph!!!

"activists will be leafleting outside the city's four Starbucks shops, detailing the pro-Israeli sentiments of its chief executive, Howard Shultz, and claiming he is "an active Zionist".

In 1998, Mr Shultz was awarded the "Israeli 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" from the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha-Torah, which is strongly critical of Yasser Arafat and insists that the occupied Palestinian territories should be described only as "disputed"."

"Mr Shultz, who does not appear to have condemned the building of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land, spearheaded Starbucks' entry into the Israeli market last year with its first two coffee shops – built through a joint venture company called Shalom Coffee Ltd – in Tel Aviv. By the end of this year, Starbucks plans to have a total of 20 coffee houses operating throughout Israel.

Mr Shultz is a regular visitor to Israel and one of many personalities who have been brought to Jerusalem as a guest of the Theodor Herzl mission, at whose gala dinner is held an award ceremony of the Friends of Zion to honour those "who have played key roles in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel"."

And sure they may deny it cause they don't want to loose the Arabs as customers.

12 September, 2006 17:29  
Anonymous Addiction said...

Observer MAN u r weird!! what u wrote sucks!! sho malkom!! sho hai el 7ejaj !! wal!!! i think kol el nas bte3raf hada el 7aky wo enta jay bas eno la2 la2 la2, there is no proof!!! what proof u need!! eno y7oto 3l TV eno tbara3na lal Israel Army!! they wont lose the big fat arab ass customers!! be carefull if u stop drinking Starbucks mish 7ayaaaa ya Allaaah

12 September, 2006 17:59  
Anonymous Maher said...

Just in case you think I am "tafaha" I want to clear out that I am not, although I agree with his points, I will never present them in this way, just as a form of respect of our friendship, and by I agree with his points I mean that yes I am with boycotting starbucks, but I also think that there are more important things that has higher priorities, for example preventing unqualified people from issuing fatwas is way more important than boycotting starbucks.

12 September, 2006 19:12  
Anonymous Tafaha said...

I agree with observer that you only choose to read highlights of articles.

Addiction, chooses to use the term \ "it is well known". Addiction, do you know that it is well known among taxi drivers in amman that it is well known that the Amman hotel explosions only killed jews!!!!!!!!!!

The issue is not strabucks, since i do not deal with them anyway. the issue is people like Aboud who think that strabux is the problem.

King Hussein was, and king abdullah is, a frequent visitors to israel and i dont see you saying much about that??!!
walak king hussein is on a freakin zionist STAMP, and you are telling me that this Shultz guy has more infleunce???
when was the last time you heard a jordanian official statement condemeing settlements!!!

mithell ma goltillak inteh wa mawdoo3 mish mawdoo3 starbux...biddakk tsawi ishi there are A LOT, A lot of other venues that you can contribute to as an arab beyond a stupid coffee shop...
wa yalla shiddilli 7ailakk ashoof....

13 September, 2006 01:31  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Maher: Ya man I have found out that it wasn't you.

tafaha: of course it is not Starbucks, el mowdoo3 kan 3an el nas ille ma be7esso, inno 3adi be el nesbeh 2elhom, o ille kan falegne inno fee nas befte7'ro inhom beroo7o 3alai o 3adi.

About the Arabic leaders, I think that you can find some previous posts about this thing.

I don't think that I have to give examples of these posts because all you have to do it scroll with your mouse or click on any of the titles and I think that you are going to find some good examples of what you want.

13 September, 2006 02:21  
Anonymous Ora said...

3ala ra22i Mary Antoinette:
U malo Cups and Kilos?

13 September, 2006 09:05  
Blogger The Observer said...

additcion, man, why dont you give a logical argueing instead of telling me that what I wrote sucks? Althought it is ok to me, it is your opinion, but I would like to address what sucks in my logic beside that you don't like it?

tafaha, very well said man, my arguement is that we rush to believe that the world conspires on us without really examining if it is true or not.

How many still believe that all Jews had their day off at the time of 11/9?

Why don't starbuck declare their support to Israel if they do so?

Why do we have to belive lies? and play the victim role always?

And yes, it makes much money in the Arab world, but at the sametime, puts much inverstement, and employe many arab people.

It is mutual profit to both parties. Otherwise it wouldnt have worked.

13 September, 2006 12:57  
Anonymous Addiction said...

Observer man
1)who said that we believe that the world conspires on us !! i didnt mention that!! it was u!!! i didnt write anything like that. and also u did the same in 11/9 example :s

2)what it has to do with victim role!! no we r not acting like that!! if you dont talk to ur enemy thats not considered victim role, u r speaking about sth. else that we dont even think about...

3)Starbucks almost declared about their support to Israel, all the articles and many others proof that, and we all know! isnt Mcdonald for Jews also!! did anybody mention to boycott it!! i dont think so, and same for pepsi and coca cola becoz we just rely on reality and truth. ba3dain u r not sure if Starbucks support Israel or not!! so on both ways why u support them! i cant understand...

we r trying just to stand together 7ata lawo be eshy zgheer zay haik, eno bas ykoon 3ena mabda2!!! thats all "mabda2"!! the Post was just about eno just dont go to their places and give them money. becoz they use use it in bad ways. i know that they have very good coffee bas ya3ny Allah bee3een.

4)any investement or project makes money! its business, i agree with that, but how many ppl do they employ!! if u know anything about that plz tell us, but i dont think its a large number. imagine the case of pepsi or Mcdonald!!
and there r many other place owned by Jordanian ppl here so why dont u go and have ur coffee their and by that ur country and ppl will get more benefit from ur money instead of share it with their partners or headquarters outside the country!! isn't LOGIC if u r talking about money/investement/employment??!!!!

i really like ur positive thinking, and looking at the bright side, but not in such cases!! these cases need to be realistic.

ah last but not least and maybe that we r really stupid enough to let the world conspirs on us,they should do that,why not!!!and if they dont i will blame them


13 September, 2006 15:05  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Well said addiction, I have nothing to add on what you have said.

13 September, 2006 15:10  
Blogger The Observer said...

see addiction, now we can argue :)

Who said the world is conspiracing on us? It is the mentality that you people use to ask us to boycott certain things. Now you claim it isn't just starbucks, even McDonalds, and Pepsi? What else?

And where is your proof? These are multinational companies. They are no Jewish, and they don't fund Israeli military. Why choose to believe otherwise if we don't have a real proof? Isn't it the conspiracy theory thing we like to stick to?

"Starbucks almost declared about their support to Israel"

Almost??! :). What does almost declared mean? Did they or did they not? and how can many articles on the internet prove anything? Anyone can write anything he wants and post it on the net unless it is a legimate site that has a good reputation of its accuracy.

And who said that I support starbucks. It is just another coffee shop for me. What triggers me to post here and defend it the mentality my fellow Arabs still going with. It frustrates me to see you guys this much worked up to boycott a coffee shop based on a rumor initiated by an anynomous!

Sure investments make money, and yes I do support other local coffe shops as well, but in addition to that we can benefit from intenational companies investing in Jordan. Why would the government be so much work up trying to create an attractive atmosphere for investments? We both benefit of it, and we get quality coffee and service in the process. Our local coffe shops can benefit from competition as well to develop their offering. This is how the market work.

Thanks for acknowleding my positive thinking, but I try to be realistic as well :)

O, no, we just give others more credit than they deserve. No one conspires on us. We just conspire on each other!

13 September, 2006 16:40  
Blogger ABOUD said...

the observer: addiction said that we don't boycott Mcdonalds and Pepsi because no body said that they support the israeli army.

Man one of the links was for Robert Fisk, and I assume that you know who's Robert Fisk!

"Why would the government be so much work up trying to create an attractive atmosphere for investments? "
With all these taxes??

13 September, 2006 16:57  
Anonymous wedad said...

for your info all of you, iam not with what isreal doing adn the way of collecting money (starbucks is sooo expensive) and maybe the money going to israel.
but do u know that starbucks gives 5 million $ monthly to poor people in arab world !!! just arab world.... this is a good thing..

28 September, 2006 14:00  
Blogger ABOUD said...

Dear Wedad:
Simple calculation:
Arabs are more than 323 million, so 50/323=0.155$ a month.
I think that any person can live with out these 0.155$ that they are him/her each month.

28 September, 2006 18:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, i have nothing to add to what you said Aboud except for supporting it 100%!! ... I used to be an addict to starbucks coffee 2 and a half years ago while i was studying 4 a while in london, came back to jordan and seen several branches of it in amman, i got excited, and said "WOW, my fav coffee is in town, wicked!" however, after i knew the truth about them supporting zionists, I stood up for what we should all do - boycotting it! It is true they are offering a great coffee with a great atmosphere to socilaise, study and meet up, however, if you spare a thought "We can totally live without it! totally.." mal il nescafe 3 in 1? or ahwet abu il 3abed ;P ..

anyhow, now am in sheffield, and yeah starbucks is all over the place, but hell no am not putting my money there :). and it feels so goood to implement what you believe in and not only talk talk talk ... :)

I happen to pass by your blog randomly... and I say it is a great one with a good cause.. keep it up..

You are more than welcome to visit mine...


12 December, 2006 05:27  
Blogger sparkle said...

la 7wla w la quwa ella bllah!!!! i cant believe eno alnas kano 3m bnaqsho b hak mwdo3!!! i really cant believe eno hak tfkeer al3arab sar... and after everybody saw all the emails regarding star bucks and that it gives it profits to Israel....still whenever I go to abdoun or sweifyah or makka mall….. the most prestigious place to be sitting in (star bucks)….is of course full....7sbi Allah w n3ma alwakel....

29 March, 2007 04:25  
Blogger ABOUD said...

jad 7asbiya allah wa ne3ma el wakeel :)

30 March, 2007 18:48  

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