Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Whom Is This Victory

For those who are questioing Hizbollah's victory, and to whom is this victory.

Sayed Hassan said it six years ago, when Hizbollah liberated most of southern Lebanon.

"لقد أثبتت المقاومة أن شعب لبنان و دولة لبنان و مقاومة لبنان هم جديرون بالنصر"

"The resistance has proven that Lebanese people, Lebanese Republic and the Lebanese resistance do deserve victory"

Today's victory has changed a lot of things.

I think that as Sayed Hasan said, this war has united Muslims (Suniis and Shiites), it has united Arabs (Muslims and Chritians) and it has united "free" people from over the world (Hugo Chaves), and I think that what Dr. Al Thawahri (Al Qaeda was seen as an anti-Shiites organization) said about supporting (that doesn't mean that Hizbollah is part of Al Qaeda) the resistance in Lebanon made this thing clear.


Blogger Abu Shreek said...

You are A stupid idiot moron.
Al thawahiri and the Bin ladens are the biggest conspirers against all arabic and national causes. your reference to that cave dweller cia-agent as (Dr.) is an example of your ignorance and shallowness. Nobody has hurt the arabic cause over the past 10 years more than the likes of althawqahiri and your ignorant types.
Why dont you go hang out with your buddies at the newest bar in Amman and leave the political commentary to those who are not illiterate!!!

17 August, 2006 04:57  
Blogger Abu Shreek said...

And remove the stupid comment moderation.
\willa biddak bass ti7ki 7aki fathi mithel wijhakk wa tisma33 radd???

17 August, 2006 04:59  
Blogger 21stCenturyShea said...


I think you analyis is a bit premature. The Hezbullah "victory" is a pyrrhic one.

The infrastructure of Lebanon has been destroyed by this insane confrontation. And not all Arabs or Muslims are going to be inclined to regard Israel as being solely responsible. Hezbullah triggered a war which no one other than Hezbullah (and its sponsers) wanted.

Such an action displays a fundamental contempt for the democratic idea since war should be declared only by the elected representatives of the people through a legitimate government--not an independent armed militia.

Arab pride needs to be restored through some positive, non-violent achievement (like the Cedar Revolution), not through a pathological obsession with the Israelis.

17 August, 2006 05:18  
Blogger ABOUD said...


Hizbollah's victory will have reflections on all of the Arab countries.

The Arbic-Israeli conflict had a major role in all of the revolutions that happened in this region.
This victory will encourage people and it will give them confidence. I think that if the world has changed after Sept. 11th for some people, then for sure it has changed after July 12th for everybody.

If you watch television, you are going to see that all of the lebanese people turned into supporters for Hizbollah, and they careless about streets, homes, brigdes....
Hizbollah has started rebuilding and repairing the destrucion.

17 August, 2006 09:33  

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