Monday, May 15, 2006

In a Day Like Today

It is 1947, people from all religions are living in peace in a piece of heaven.
Jews, Christians and Moslems are all living together like brothers.

1948, and in a day like today, our homes were took away.
People were kicked out of their country and they were told that “here” you have no place to stay.

In a day like today, we swore to GOD, that no matter how many years will pass, we’ll be back.

I have never been to Palestine but the images and the truth are carried out in my DNA, neither time nor your lies will change a thing.

It has been 58 years now, but time is never enough to let us forget our land.

They say that a mother has sent a letter to Palestine after her only child was killed by the Israelis. In that letter she apologized to Palestine because she had only given birth to one child to die for his country.

You can never defeat that.

Our grandsons will continue what our grandfathers have started.


Blogger Maher said...

Aboud, you already say that you are half Palestinian half jordanian, the way I see it you have given up half of Palestine inside you already

23 May, 2006 10:07  
Blogger ABOUD said...

I really don't know man how did you get that???

25 May, 2006 03:11  
Blogger Maher said...

what do you mean the half jordanian half Palestinian part or the forgetting half of palestine part?
the half half part you always say it, and the forgetting about half of palestine part is a simple colclusion from the half half part.

26 May, 2006 03:07  

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