Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Defense Army

Defense army; that's what they call the israelian army.
Can you believe that, the only army in the word that is occupying other country (of course the US army, the British and some other countries are occupying Iraq and Afghanistan in the mean time), but this name is being used since 1948 ( the FIRST occupation of Palestine).

But look at this, "the defense army" and all that they do is attacking and killing.

"The defense army" destroys Palestinian houses, olive trees (thousands of olive trees were uprooted since the beginning of the Intifada as a collective punishment to the Palestinians), more than 4,000 were killed since the starting of "Al Aqsa Intifada", sanctions are killing people over there. The Apartheid Wall is dividing houses.

That was a glimpse on why they call it the "Defense Army".

So I think that media should reconsider that name.
I think it should be something like israelian killing army, or israelian barbarous army.


Blogger ساري said...

Which media are you talking about?
FOX channel and Israeli TV?


AlJazeera and Jordan TV?

Don't dream that the first 2 will change it.

And the second 2 don't use it .

Check Abu Mahjoob's Caricature today in alghad newspaper on this issue... very expressive.



16 March, 2006 13:59  
Blogger ABOUD said...

First of all I forgot to say that the Russian army is also occupying Chechnya.

The jordanian Army is called "The Arabic Jordanian Army",
the israelian army is called "defence army", it is the name used for this army.

So that people that don't know the story from the begining will be deceived.

16 March, 2006 14:45  
Blogger Al-Hajeji said...

"The israeli defence army"...LOL.

That is how sick and twisted these zionists are, they come from eastern europe, russia and america, they take peoples land, kick them out, humiliate them and destroy them - and they do it all in the name of defence? May Allah destroy them in this dunya and the next!
Akhi Aboud: remember the hadith; the rusool said that other nations will continue to attack the muslim ummah? i'll try to get it for you Inshah'Allah

27 April, 2006 16:27  
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