Sunday, April 09, 2006

April Fool's

In a day like today three years ago I had the worst April fools ever, it was about a week late, but I couldn't believe what this was for real.

I was out of home, when suddenly I received the bad news on my mobile, I prayed that it is a late April fools.
I ran back home, switched on the T.V, and there was the shock.

Baghdad has fallen!!!

Everybody couldn't believe what was going on, and whether you like Saddam or not, but everybody was really sad when they saw the statue going down.

Baghdad, this great Arabic Islamic capital is now under occupation.

This thing made me question everything!!!

Baghdad hold on; every sunset leads to a sunrise.


Blogger ساري said...

ان شاء الله تكتب قريبا post عن استعادة بغداد... حبيبة القلوب..

شكرا يا عبدالله على تذكير عقول قد نسيت و قلوب قد غفلت...

09 April, 2006 17:14  

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