Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Nephew

Having breakfast with him will make your day a happy one.

Talking with him and hugging him worth life for me.

When he is sick I feel the pain.

He is one of the main reasons I am still here.

When I feel blue and I come to him, he makes me feel much better.
One day I was feeling really bad, when I saw him he hugged tightly!!!
It was like an angel putting his arms around you and wiping away all you sadness.

Sometimes I wonder that if I ever have children, am I going to love them as much as I love him and as much as I love my nephews and my nieces.
I doubt it!!!


Blogger NicoleW said...

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08 March, 2006 00:07  
Anonymous sparkle said...

aboud!!!!! of course ull love ur kids that much and im positive ull love them sooooooo much more....
how many nieces and nephews do u have?? allah y5alihom la ur sister or brother....

22 March, 2007 03:25  
Blogger ABOUD said...

well, I have no sisters :|

I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces, and it is just like they are everything, kids are amazing, rarest laughs that come from the heart, come from kids.

22 March, 2007 20:00  

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