Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is a simple thought on how you can communicate with GOD.

If you want to talk to him to him all you have to do is to talk. Yes it is as simple as this, in any language and in any tone, he will you always hear you, you can even just think about it, without moving your lips he will be there.

What if you want GOD to talk to you?
All you have to do is read Quran, where for us Moslems Quran is GOD’s words, so whenever I want GOD to speak to me, all I have to do is open the Quran and read in it.

If you want to have a private meeting with GOD, where you can have a conversation with him (talk and listen to him), you just have to pray. While you are praying you will be reading Quran (listening to his words) and at the same time talking to him (asking him for anything).

That’s a nice way in dealing with GOD.


Blogger and life goes on... said...

it's funny how we all know that praying is a MUST yet we don't... i remember the only time i had REAL inner peace was when praying! life is too short... yet in your day u'll be busy with all and find time to all, but not to praying! which is so sad! most important thing if you talk to God or ask him for sth you should believe and have a strong faith that he's there hearing you and he's the only one who'll to make things easier!

23 March, 2006 22:04  

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